Nag and RGV movie to take off next month!

Akkineni Nagarjuna has created a huge history with Ram Gopal Verma’s first movie, Shiva. The movie has become a gigantic step forward in story telling for Indian Cinema in the main-stream masala genre. Breaking the set mould, realistic setting and real fights have replaced the over-the-top dialogue bazi.

After that both the actor and director came together for movies like Antham, Govinda Govinda. Both did not became as huge as Shiva and the combination id not repeat for 25 years, now. As the director has come up with an action entertainer subject, Nagarjuna decided to take a plunge with RGV, even though his current form suggests he is not the same director who made movies like Sarkar.

Reports suggest that the actor and director are planning for a different look and so, Nag is trying out his new look without mustache. The movie could start in November and finish by February. Ashwini Dutt, who produced their previous movie, Govinda Govinda will produce this movie too on Vyjayanthi movies as per the believable sources. Well, if RGV is ready to deliver a hard hitting thriller like Shiva again and that too with Nagarjuna, we are all game for it.