Naandhi Movie Review

Allari Naresh has been facing flops in recent times. Apart from Maharshi in which he has done a character role, all of his recent movies ended up as flops. At the pre-release event of Naandhi, Allari Naresh promised that he will do only content-oriented films from now, be it comedy or serious subjects. Naandhi in which Allari Naresh has played a bold role got released today. Let us have a look at how the movie is.

Plot: Surya Prakash (Allari Naresh) is a software engineer who hails from a middle-class family. He leads a happy life and even gets engaged. As life seems to go well for Surya, he gets involved in a murder. It is alleged that he has killed Humans Rights activist Raja Gopal.

Though Surya Prakash pleads that he is innocent, local police arrest him and sent him to jail. They were successful in creating fake evidence. That’s when Aadhya (Varalakshmi Sharat Kumar) an advocate takes up the case. Will Surya Prakash be proven innocent? What are the difficulties Surya Prakash faced while he served a jail term?

Performances: Easily, this is one of the best works of Allari Naresh. His performance is commendable. He has once again proved that content-oriented roles are best suited for him. Varalakshmi Sharat Kumar scores the next best points with her performance. She adds so much value to the project. With Krack and Naandhi, Varalakshmi is sure to go places in Tollywood. Devi Prasad as Allari Naresh’s father did a decent job. He showcased the pain his son go through in a stunning manner. Priyadarshi is fine. Rest have done a fine job.

Technicalities: Sri Charan Pakala has once again proved his worthiness with the background score of this movie. In the pre-climax and the climax sequences, his BGM proved to be effective. The editing is good and the dialogues are decent. The cinematography work is excellent. The mood in the jail sequences and the court scenes were showcased really well.

Vijay Kanakamedala though is a debutante has done a superb job. He took up a serious subject and didn’t deviate much. His narration is quite impressive. Has he taken little care in the first part of the second half, Naandhi could have been a memorable film. Nevertheless, Naandhi will go down as one of Allari Naresh’s best works. The production values are fine.

Analysis:Naandhi was sold at very low prices. It was made on a strict budget. The second half is a little slow-paced and the climax seemed rushed. But Naandhi will give you a good feeling. To the point narration, stellar performances, excellent technical works are the positives. Naandhi will be a grand comeback for Allari Naresh for sure.

Rating: 2.5/5

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