Multilinguals – The new solution to expanding your market

Pan-Indian films are all the rage right now, with every star hero from every film South Indian Film industry trying to make films that will appeal to the audiences across India. The Telugu Film Industry itself has at least half a dozen pan-Indian films in the making, and there are several others in Kannada and Tamil.

While star heroes are in the position to afford to make pan-Indian films, other actors in Tollywood are also trying their hand at expanding their market, with the help of multilingual films. Many heroes, including Ram and Sharwanand, are currently acting in multilinguals, and are looking for more, to expand their market, especially in Tamil Nadu. Sharwanand’s upcoming film, Maha Samudram, co-starring Siddharth, is being made as a multilingual and is expected to do well in Tamil Nadu, owing to the presence of Siddharth. On the other hand, Ram Pothineni is all set to team up with director Linguswamy for his next. Linguswamy is a huge name in Tamil Nadu, and this film is also expected to well.

The fact that actors are trying to expand their market to other states, with pan-Indian and multilingual films is highly commendable, it’s nothing particularly new, given that several Tamil actors enjoy a good fanbase in the Telugu states as well. Here’s hoping that our actors also manage to achieve the same.

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