Movies should be Plan-B : Sharddha Das

Shraddha Das proved beyond doubt that she is an intelligent and attractive actress. She worked in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada. After looking at different styles of work over the years, she got huge experience in films and the way the Industry works. So, she is telling the new generation, who is trying to find their way into the movies, to make movie career as a Plan-B.

She explained, “I think movies are an uncertain business. Actors look like they are having a time of their life, but the pressure is a different ball game altogether. Even though you have the filmy background, you have to be talented and extremely cautious about the films you choose. You may get opportunities easily with the background but that will not last long. You have to prove yourself with each and every film.”

She continued, “So, you need to have a business or another occupation as Plan-A and movie business as Plan-B. That will help you not fall into the traps of casting couch and become too desperate for film offers. You will have your own individuality and when you get chances, you can shine as a performer.” Well, this is a surprising take on the Film industry and the career, here but she seems to have a strong point.