7 Best Movies Based On The Bermuda Triangle

For the unknown, The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place located between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. It is also known as the Devil’s Triangle or Hurricane Alley. It is spread over 440,000 miles of sea. Over the centuries, a lot of ships, planes, and thousands of people have gone missing mysteriously.

Bermuda Triangle is first christened in the year 1964 by Vincent Gaddis. The first incident that caught people’s attention largely is when USS Cyclops, a Navy Cargo Ship went missing in the region. More than 300 people are on the ship. There have been many explanations about these mysterious happenings in this place. Some say there is an aliens presence while the other suggests some paranormal activities.

There are also a few saying that these cannot be believed like most of the accidents are reported inaccurately or with missing details. However, what might be said, there is no concrete version of anything.

What more do filmmakers want for their story? Yes, The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most explored sub-genres in International Cinema. There are many ways that this subject has been utilized for the filmmakers. Now, let us have a look at some of the best movies that are based on this mysterious place.

Hollywood Movies Based On The Bermuda Triangle

  • Airport ’77

1 Airport '77 Movie

Airport ’77 is one of the best survival for life films. It comes into the category of air disaster movies where a multi-millionaire private Boeing 747 carrying many VIPs and priceless collection of art gets hijacked. To escape from the radar detection, hijackers make the pilot fly the jet low. It eventually crashes into the ocean in the Bermuda triangle. Now there is a desperate struggle for survival. How many will be survived by the end? Directed by Jerry Jameson, Airport ’77 the third installment of the Airport film series. Many veteran stars by then James Stewart, Brenda Vaccaro, George Kennedy were the part of the movie.


  • Triangle 2009

2 Triangle 2009 Movie

Mysterious thrillers are always game for nail-biting experience and definitely films based on Bermuda Triangle more thrill to it. Coming to the Triangle, it is one of the most mind-bending trip, a group of passengers on a yacht are forced to abandon it and onboard a mysterious ocean liner. Soon they realize they were better off on the upturned yacht. The ocean liner complicates things and they got stuck in a complicated time loop. They have only one option, to break it. Watch out for the exciting rollercoaster ride of mysterious thrills. Christopher Smith has directed this extremely satisfying thriller. Watch it for sure.


  • Gulliver’s Travels

3 Gulliver's Travels Movie

Movies based on the Bermuda Triangle are not always mysterious and thrills. It also can be adventurous and offers humor. If you don’t believe it you should this masterpiece Gulliver’s Travels. You should be familiar with the name. Gulliver’s Travels is a fantasy and adventurous film that was loosely based on the novel with the same name. A guy named Lemuel Gulliver was given the task to travel to the Bermuda Triangle and write a report about the legends of the mysteriously disappearing ships. Gulliver who was caught on a storm ends up on the island called Lilliput, where the people on this island are extremely small than the original size. Gulliver’s Travels will be an enjoyable experience.


  • Monster Island 2004

4 Monster Island 2004 Movie

Horror comedy is an excellent combination. This genre is one of the most effective and most popular ones. Monster Island is one such early film that explored this genre. What do you expect when you have won a trip to the tropical islands? That would be amazing right? But not for these six friends who got stuck on a monster island in the Bermuda Triangle who gets attacked by the monster insects. The female lead gets snatched by a giant bug. Her friends are racing against time to rescue her and escape from that monster island. Can they?


  • Beyond the Bermuda Triangle

5 Beyond The Bermuda Triangle Movie

Bermuda Triangle has become one of the most anticipated sub-genre because of its mystery behind it. When the investigative angle adds to it then the movie can be more appealing. Beyond the Bermuda Triangle is a TV show that can be enjoyed at a decent level. When a series of ships and planes started to disappear at the Bermuda Triangle a retired businessman started to investigate it and soon turns into obsession when his lover and her friends become the next victims of the mysterious place. William A. Graham has directed this mysterious investigative thriller and Fred MacMurray has played the lead role.

  • Time Under Fire

6 Time Under Fire Movie

The advantage of the Bermuda Triangle is its mystery. As no one knows what happens when you enter the zone, you can write whatever you can. The mystery can be anything. As discussed above, by entering The Bermuda Triangle you can be on a tiny island, you can be on a monster island, you can be on a time looped ocean liner, etc., In Time Under Fire, the director has shown a point of entering a time portal. In this movie, which is a science fiction thriller, the crew of a U.S. submarine enters a time portal when they travel through the Bermuda Triangle and travel 80 years into the future (2077) which is now a one-man dictatorship. The crew tries to help the rebels there who try to stop a nuclear war. It is a compelling watch for sure.


  • Satan’s Triangle

7 Satan's Triangle Movie

It is a TV drama that involves horror and drama. It is one of the best horror and mystery episodes you can come across. Satan’s Triangle is all about the characters Eva and Haig. What happens when you save a lone survivor. Is it recommendable? The mysterious plans of the lone survivor can become a dreadful experience. According to the story, Satan’s Triangle is a mysterious place where lone survivors carry out the task of making others their prey, and the chain goes on. It is one of the best movies based on this sub-genre.

Well, here are some of the best movies/tv dramas that are based on this mysterious place, The Bermuda Triangle. Don’t miss these movies.

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