More politics in MAA elections with Bandla’s comments

The MAA elections started off with a big jolt, with everyone involved in a lot of politics, on who is eligible or not for the post of the President, and who can contest or not. These elections now continue to be shrouded in more controversies and politics, with actor turned producer Bandla Ganesh making shocking comments on Prakash Raj’s panel.

Ganesh said that he didn’t like the fact that the post of the General Secretary in Prakash Raj’s panel was reserved for Jeevitha Rajasekhar, as she had made several negative comments on the Mega Family. Prakash Raj had earlier announced Ganesh as the official spokesperson of his panel, following which Ganesh’s comments on the panel are now shocking everyone.

Bandla Ganesh said that he wouldn’t want to be a part of Prakash Raj’s panel as long as Jeevitha Rajasekhar is a part of it, and also expressed confidence in winning the MAA elections if he contested as the General Secretary. Furthermore, Ganesh promised 100 two BHK houses for the poor actors of Tollywood. On the other hand, everyone is looking forward to Prakash Raj’s comments on the issue.