Money Heist Web Series Review

We are giving you our opinion on the popular web-series on various OTT platforms, so that you can choose the best possible series to spend your time on during the lockdown. Let’s look into Netflix’s one of the most popular series – Money Heist aka La Casa De Papel.

Plot: A guy named Professor, takes bank heist to next level by making it a war against Spanish Government. He recruits very twisted yet trustworthy lunatics to join him in the heist. He gives them city names so that their real names won’t be revealed. How they all work as a team and complete heist as each one, especially, Tokyo, is highly eccentric and unstable, forms the basic plot of the series.

Performances: Even though series tries to concentrate more on Tokio, Processor and Raquel, Berlin steals the show, whenever he is on screen. In four seasons, the actor who plays the role, never stops being creepily likeable. Next place goes to Professor and he delivers the lengthy monologues very well. He engages you with every moment. Tokio and Nairobi actresses are strong in their acting skills but Nairobi comes across as the best in both. Rio and Denver are charismatic. Senior actors deliver performances in the series.

Analysis: The writing in this series is top-notch when it comes to creating a situation where they drive themselves into a corner and come out of it, triumphant. But when it comes to monologues, not everything sticks the landing and they seem to get carried away at times.

Also, most of us try to follow the English dubbed version hence, the essence in Spanish language, misses at times. Still, the series delivers on the big moments consistently. The first season one of the show remains a classic as it keeps on the edge of the seat by building tension with each scene and episode.

From third season, the makers seems to have decided to drag the show as much as they can looking at the sudden adulation they received worldwide. Also, few characters going over the edge acts on your nerves with the resolution coming very late. At times, the show tends to focus on flashbacks so much that the present scenarios seem a bit diluted.

All said and done, the action part and major emotional moments land very well to give you an adrenaline rush and high of greatest order. If you love action dramas, don’t miss it.

Bottom-line: Watch it for Adrenaline Rush

Rating: 3.5/5