Monal Gajjar gets eliminated before the final week

Bigg Boss Season 4 will now enter its final week. The last week’s eliminations happened yesterday which will be aired today.

There are five nominations in the last week. As Akhil has already reached the finale by winning the task ticket to the finale, the remaining five, Abhijeet, Sohail, Ariyana, Monal, and Harika are in the nominations.

However, the audiences have decided to evict Monal Gajjar who has successfully managed to survive in the house for the past 95 days. She doesn’t know the language yet she did well.

With Monal evicted the other four will enter into the finale and compete for the title.

The finale episode is going to be exciting as many special plans were organized by the Bigg Boss. We have to wait and see who will be the title winner this time.

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