Monal Gajjar continues to irritate with her cry

Bigg Boss Season 4 is going well as of now. The contestants are doing well with the tasks which are interesting and challenging though. In every season of the reality show, there will be one contestant who is extremely emotional. That particular contestant is ready to cry no matter what the situation is. It might be their strength or weakness but the audiences will be fed up with the continuous cry-ups.

In season 1 it was Madhu Priya. In the next season, Bhanu to an extent is a cry baby. In the third season, Shiva Jyothi irritated the audiences with her cry in every situation be it happy or sad.

Now in Season 4, Monal Gajjar takes responsibility. From day 1, she is crying which is diluting the real emotion. Audiences are fed up with this and it might work against her who is in the nominations this week.

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