Mohan Babu’s tweet to Pawan attracts severe criticism

Pawan Kalyan’s speech at Sai Dharam Tej’s upcoming film Republic’s pre-release event yesterday, has become a major hot topic in both the film and political industries of the Telugu states. While the Telangana government is not in the picture here, the AP government, and pretty much everyone affiliated with them, were targeted by Pawan in his speech, and this includes Mohan Babu.

Mohan Babu took to Twitter today and made an interesting tweet to Pawan Kalyan, and while one would expect him to react to Pawan’s comments from last night, Mohan Babu took an entirely different direction, causing the ire of fans to be directed towards him. Mohan Babu requested Pawan to vote for Manchu Vishnu, who is contesting for the post of MAA President and said that he would respond to all of Pawan’s questions after October 10th, by when the MAA elections would come to an end.

Mohan Babu’s tweet to Pawan is drawing intense and severe criticism, with fans calling out the actor for being a coward when it comes to responding on a crucial matter, and some even calling him an opportunist for asking Pawan to support his son, whilst not reacting to a more crucial matter.

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