Mithai is one of the few social media blossoms in terms of new age filmmaking. It is made with an agenda ro attract youth with comedy and showcase how shallow life can be without emotions. Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi acted as leads and let’s see how much did it work …

Plot:An youngster Sai (Rahul Ramakrishna) wants to be an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs but as an emotional fool, he finds himself more distracted. He has a lover and a friend, Johnny (Priyadarshi). Johnny loves Sai to the core even though he doesn’t have a job and is a leech of Sai. Sai looses the job he loathes and with his friends ends up at a bar, drinking as much as he can.

But he doesn’t realize that he drank too much and ends up falling on the floor of his flat, keeping the doors open. He realizes in the morning that he got robbed and challenges with a rich friend that he is not a loser and he will catch the thief and then marry his girl! How does the plot take twists and ends is the next story?!

Performances:: Rahul Ramakrishna is good as the loser but he couldn’t come up with a charming performance to fill up the narrative gaps. He is too loud and unfunny in many scenes.

Mithai Movie has a charm and he could pull in some laughs. But he is also given repetitive material to work and he just irritates you to no end.

Kamal Kamaraju, Aditi Myakal, Swetha Varma, Arsha, Bhushan Kalyan all are irritating at their best.

Technicalities:: Gary BH as an editor tried some techniques to depict how cheating can be swaggy than the truthfulness and emotional foolishness of innocent. But the framework isn’t effective enough.

Vivek Sagar’s music and BGM are irritatingly loud. The narrative couldn’t really handle such loudness as the performances were too loud.

Ravivarman Neelamegam’s visuals are a positive point of this film. He gave his best to maintain the film’s absurd tone.

Prashanth Kumar as a writer seems to have frustration about growing selfishness in society. He tried to address all that is wrong with today’s youth, today’s society and where it all started in his own way with a story of an emotional fool who ends up celebrating being a loser.

As a director, he couldn’t find the best possible entertaining way to bring the ideas he had on paper to life. Rahul and Priyadarshi did try to support him, but their gags have been unfunny and the repetitiveness in the screenplay just bores us to death.

Analysis:The movie is all about an absurd way of describing the lives of Indians who are known to be emotional fools with global leaders being able to conspire against it and loot. Rich-poor division, the difference between distracted intelligents and focused average IQ people, Dudeism, Political gamble, Selfishness in people, disregard for emotions like this Prashanth tried to touch many aspects but failed to deliver any.

As he tried to with an absurd depiction and a conviction that only he can connect with movie becomes a drag and boring exercise. It could have easily been much better had the script hadn’t been dumb and execution even dumber. Not worth your time.

Rating: 1.5/5