Megastar’s Cooking video wins over Twitterati

Megastar Chiranjeevi postponed the release of his cooking video from 9th August evening to 10th August, as he got upset with the accident news of people in Vijayawada. Early in the morning on 10th August, he released the video and said that his mother, Anjana Devi used to make it for him in his young age and he wanted to try it out for her. He made sure that he explains the cooking process while he himself prepared and cooked the entire dish. He did not ask any person to help him and once, he completed the dish, he wanted his mother to have the first taste.

But she wanted her son to take the first bite. Anxious about her review on his culinary skills in executing this particular dish, he asked her to taste and tell him. After she gave a positive response that she likes it, he became a young boy celebrating his achievement. She later fed him the rice she was eating. The entire 4 minute video touched the hearts of Twitterati as the mother-son bond that Chiranjeevi shares with his mother, has become the highlight of the video. Previously, Megastar did make a video with him cooking Pesarattu and now, he made Chinna Chepala Chinta Thokku koora. What next from ‘Master’ Chef, wonder Twitterati.

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