Megastar was like Godfather to Uday Kiran says his sister Sridevi!

Megastar Chiranjeevi is pictured to be a villain in other heroes lives by many gossip mongers in the Industry.. They talk about him playing several games with their careers to reach to the top and stay there for all these years. Well, the actor is also said to have been behind Uday Kiran’s fall in the career after initial high as the marriage alliance between the deceased actor and his first daughter, Sushmitha had to be cancelled after a huge engagement.

Contrary to popular perception, in an interview, Uday Kiran’s sister, Sridevi who stays in Muscat revealed that, her brother used to take Chiranjeevi as his god father and shared everything in his personal life with the actor on a regular basis till the engagement was cancelled. She also revealed that Chiranjeevi did talk to her till some time after that whenever she called him but she said after such a huge break up no one can be easily friendly after all.

She said, “ Megastar Chiranjeevi is a nice human being and he did not have to talk to my brother overtime when he is low. He always treated him as a person close to his heart and Uday had been his fan ever since he knew about films. Both had mutual admiration and Uday had to undergo a bad break up in his life. That broke him completely and Chiranjeevi used to console him when Uday met him several times in his home. He never treated him as an outsider and knowing him it is Chiranjeevi who came up with the proposal.

“Uday and Sushmita weren’t happy with each other as their personalities were different. Uday discussed this with Chiranjeevi and his entire family members. As it is not advisable to go forward in such a relationship where people are poles apart, he broke off the engagement. Chiranjeevi understood that and there the issue ended for us. Chiranjeevi has been very cordial during engagement and I did not meet him after break up. Whatever happened that’s definitely not the fault of Megastar Chiranjeevi for sure.”

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