Mega Star Chiranjeevi pens emotional note on his debut film release day

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is the top actor in Tollywood for many decades. Brick by Brick, he built the mega legacy and now, there are more than 9 heroes who have made their careers in Cinema. Chiranjeevi is more than a brand in Telugu Cinema. He has won millions of followers who are not just fans but more than a family member.

September 22nd is the day on which Chiranjeevi’s debut film Pranam Khareedu got released. On this special occasion, Chiranjeevi has penned an emotional note. He opined that there is equal importance to August 22nd and September 22nd in his life. While on the former he was born, the latter is the birth date of him as an actor. Chiranjeevi thanked all his fans and well-wishers for this wonderful journey spanning all these years.

Chiranjeevi has used the hashtags #BornAsAnActor #ForeverGrateful #PranamKhareedu #thisdaythatyear.

It is known news that Chiranjeevi is currently playing the lead role in his 152nd movie Acharya.

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