Master Telugu States distributor responds on Nizam theaters issue

Off late there have been allegations against ace producer Dil Raju that he is not providing enough theaters for Ravi Teja’s Krack in Nizam. The Krack distributor Warangal Srinu has made serious allegations on Dil Raju that he is supporting a dubbed release and is not supporting Krack which is performing superbly.

Warangal Srinu mentioned Dil Raju as Kill Raju who according to him is killing Telugu Cinema. Mahesh S Koneru who has brought Master Telugu version rights has responded on the issue. He said that Warangal Srinu has made personal remarks which is not good. He also clarified that there is no truth behind these allegations as Master is a film that is running in less number of theaters.

Mahesh has supported Dil Raju in this regard. “Dil Raju has always been supportive. I never faced any problems with them. If they are not transparent, Dil Raju cannot become successful and top producer,” said Mahesh.

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