Many young actors lack experience: Uttej

Actor Uttej, who has played a lengthy, and meaty role in Falaknuma Das is pretty happy with the way the film has become a success. At the success meet which was held recently, the actor said that he was pretty unsure whether Vishwak would be able to make a film exactly like what he wants to.

Asked why, Uttej said, “He is a director and producer for the first time and actor for the second time. He is playing three of the roles and asked me to do a movie with him. But however, I went to the sets and looking at the way he was working, I became a little confident and decided to do the film.”

We have been seeing Uttej playing small roles, like DevaDas and Taxiwala, recently and asked why he chose to do those, he said he wasn’t getting any major roles to do at all.

Asked whether he thinks a film like Falaknuma Das will bring any changes to the film industry, the actor said, “I can’t talk about the changes because I am not sure of them. None of these youngsters nowadays are experienced. Not many of them follow the actual process of filmmaking. These guys cannot by heart or perform for a lengthy dialogues. It takes a lot of experience and patience.”