Manmadhudu 2

There are massive expectations on young director Rahul Ravindran as he has been assigned the job of making this film. Read on to see how he has made this much awaited film.

Story: Sam played by Nagarjuna is a playboy who does not believe in marriage. But his family forces him to marry and just to avoid them, he brings Avantika played by Rakul in to the scene and asks her to be his girlfriend. But after a point, things becomes serious as Avantika falls in love with Sam who is against all this. The crux of the story is as to how Sam changes his mindset and marries Avantika.

Performances: King Nagarjuna looks super handsome even at this age and can give youngsters a run for their money. He does his role of Sam in a superb manner and his comic timing is very good.

Vennela Kishore is very good with his hilarious comedy. He lights up the scene with his amazing act which is the highlight of the first half. Rakul Preet does not over act in this film and looks very presentable with good looks.

Rao Ramesh created good comedy with his lingo. Lakshmi just played the senior part well. Rest of the cast like Jhansi are perfect.


Rakul glamor and performance
Vennela Kishore comedy
Good first half


Slow second half
Routine story

Analysis: Director Rahul Ravindran does not beat around the bush and establishes Nag’s character in a bold manner. Though a few scenes sound disturbing they are a must for the film.

After setting the premise of the film he brings in Rahul’s role to the point. There is no dragging during this time as Vennela Kishore kills it with engaging comedy. The interval bang is also though of well logically and things come to break point on a good note.

But the second half becomes a bit dull as the film becomes serious. The love story is also not handled well. Music by Chaitan Bhardwaj is very good and does not disturb the flow. The film is ended with a good family scene.

The proceedings and story is known to all but that does not matter as the film is simple and told in a cut to cut realistic manner. There will be mixed reactions for this film but once you go in you not be disappointed for sure.

Rating: 3/5

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