Mani Ratnam decides to shelve his big film for time being

Mani Ratnam is a reputed director all over India and he has been giving new goals, lessons for young directors follow, achieve and learn irrespective of his films box office status. Even though he thinks it is limiting to just think about box office status of a film, he gives it great importance too. The director finally got the script ready for his Ponniyan Selvan film and the Magnum Opus was mount on a budget, that is close to Baahubali films. He shot the movie in Thailand forests and decided to start in-studio shooting at Chennai studios.

But as everyone his film is also hit by Covid-19 and hence, he realised he can’t make the movie until the threat has subsided with a vaccine or effective cure in place. Hence, he announced that the movie shoot has been postponed for time being. In a way, he shelved it for now. He is going to make a small budget film with Aravind Swami in the lead and he finished the script for the film, it seems.

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