Mangalavaaram’s Day 1 Box Office Numbers, Average Kickoff

  • November 18, 2023 / 04:43 PM IST

On its opening day, Mangalavaaram didn’t quite meet the sky-high expectations despite generating significant buzz beforehand, especially with director Ajay Bhupathi at the helm. The film’s paid premieres had excellent bookings, creating anticipation among audiences. However, the day one box office collections turned out to be just average.

Initially, the movie started with ordinary numbers, but it gained momentum during the later shows, with decent reviews and word of mouth contributing to its traction. Despite this, the collections were around 2.2 Cr in worldwide share against the 13 Cr theatrical value.

To break even, Mangalavaaram needs to surpass its initial numbers, which adds pressure to its performance on subsequent days. However, the upcoming ODI World Cup Final might pose a challenge, affecting the film’s potential Sunday earnings. Given the anticipated impact of the cricket match, the movie faces an uphill task to maintain its momentum.

while Mangalavaaram’s first-day collections were average, the movie’s success hinges on overcoming these challenges. The film must work towards exceeding its previous day’s earnings, especially considering the potentially impacting cricket match, to achieve the break-even point.

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