Manchu Manoj’s fitting reply to TV reporter

Manchu Manoj is a one of a kind actor, who always impresses the audiences with his unique script selection and impressive performances. Manoj is also a social activist, who does his own contribution to the people that are in need.

Not a person to regularly interact with the media, Manoj’s recent statements on the sexual assault that took place on a girl, have turned out to be sensational. When a TV reporter asked what should be done in order to make sure that such assaults do not happen in the future, Manoj said that the media should first contribute towards it, by highlighting the issue on channels, and by bringing it to the forefront. Manoj also pointed that the media should concentrate on cases such as this, instead of on Sai Dharam Tej’s accident and his health, which has become the main focus of the media in the last few days.

Indeed, Manoj’s words are worth noting, as the media has had a history of highlighting issues that serve no real purpose, and just glossing over those that really matter. Here’s hoping that there will be change soon.

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