Mallesham is a biopic of Padma Shri Awardee Chintakindi Mallesham and achievements, which brought him the honour. The film, which stars Priyadarshi, Ananya, Jhansi, Chakrapani and others in lead roles, the film is directed by Raj R and hit the screens on Friday.

Plot: Mallesham, when in standard VI, feels bad about the pain his mother Lakshmi (Jhansi) goes through, as she winds the threads over the ‘asu’ continuously. Many other women who do the same job in the village also go through the same pain. That is when he decides to do something big for her to get rid of the pain. After getting married, he realises that even his wife Padma (Ananya), has joined the list of women who were suffering from the pain. With so many circumstances and financial crisis, how Mallesham manages to make the machine is what you have to watch on screen.

Performances: Priyadarshi fits well in the role of Mallesham. Playing a lead role, and that too in a biopic, is not so easy, but he has done it. Ananya is a newbie and she has done marvellous job with her cute little expressions. Jhansi was the perfect choice to play Lakshmi and Chakrapani plays Narasimha, Mallesham’ father. On the whole, all of them in the cast have performed really well.

Analysis: Director Raj has shown the life of Mallesham really well. These childhood episodes take all of us down our memory lanes and are packed with fun. They are all about socio-economic divisions and how Mallesham and many youngsters in the village were affected. He has done justice to the story of Mallesham and it looks pretty true that no one else than Darshi could have pulled off this role.