Makers are ready to invest 100 crore on me says, Ramesh Varma

Khiladi starring Ravi Teja in the lead role was released last Friday. Opened to disappointing reports, the film is struggling to mint revenues at the ticket windows.

Meanwhile, in a post-release interaction, the film director revealed that Khiladi producer Koneru Satyanarayan is happy with his work and promised to make a 100 crore budget movie with him soon. After listening to Ramesh Varma’s statement, netizens are laughing and posting satirical posts on the director’s outdated work which we have seen in Khiladi.

But the fun fact is that even before the release of Khiladi, Ramesh Varma got an expensive car as a gift from the makers and there might be a possibility of making a 100 crore movie with this outdated director.

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