Story : A Bheemavaram-centred rom-com much like the recent bunch of films with a distinctive Andhra flavor, this film about two naïve friends Aditya (Nani), as aspiring film maker and his friend Kesava (Satya) a comparatively less ambitious happy-go-lucky layabout of sorts. Aditya falls for Kiran (Anu Emanuel), who studies engineering. In order to impress her, Aditya joins in the same college as a junior lecturer. In a short time they become close and start understanding each other. But due to some issue Kiran breaks his heart and leaves Aditya. After some time, Aditya comes across Suma (Priya Shri) a simple classy girl and starts liking her. But things fall apart when Kiran returns to Aditya’s life. On the same day Suma proposes Adi. How will he decide with whom should he continue his life with? What happens when trio get to know each other forms the rest of the storyline.

Performances : Natural actor like Nani, who impressed us with his acting in recent Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gadha’ and ‘Gentleman’, carries the complete film on his shoulders. He is pretty good in the first half as the characterization is vibrant and with loads of energy. People say, success brings a glow to your face it was quite visible in Nani’s face in Majnu. Anu Emanuel as Nani’s heroine is cute. She excels in the dramatic scenes. Priya Shri, played a key role in the film, did her character with ease as a girl with broken heart. Sapthagiri and Satya are in their usual best. Vennela Kishore comedy timing is hilarious as a non-Telugu cab driver in Mumbai.

Technicalities : If I try to narrate you a film plot, in which a person tries to flirt with two girls, but in process understands his previous love and forms a love triangle in the most clichéd way, then you probably say, what’s in it and walkover. Now adding to the same statement if I further inform you that this is the story of a new Telugu film, which is a amalgamation of Brundavanam, Pelli Sandadi, Mirapakaay, Dillunnodu..etc from starting to finish then you would surely wonder what made makers excited about the same typical plot? In short here we have a Telugu film which has nothing new to offer in terms of plot but has surely got few well performed & entertaining sequences which mostly impresses due to some well written lighter vain dialogues (by Kiran) catering purely to the urban audience. So where it might not appeal to the regular cinegoers at the same time.

Majnu begins with an regular love at first sight sequence presented in a routine way and then continues to provide some fun factor till the three characters comes together just before interval. The plot doesn’t progress at a decent pace in its entire first hour of the film has one of the longest predictable flash back, the film drops down to all familiar paths, leading towards a casual climax expectedly Hence where the first half of Majnu works in a okayish manner, the second half tries to deliver the same for first few minutes but then makes way to completely foreseeable conclusion which restricts the film to be termed as a fine entertainer. And even if you are someone who is looking for some harmless gags this would keep you engaged for a couple of hours you are likely to be in for a disappointment.

The music of Gopisunder was below the mark. This Malayalam musician sometimes comes up with such an outstanding score and at times surprisingly gives a very mediocre one like in this movie. Only one song “Kallu Moosi” is up to his standards. The editing of the film is alright. He could have worked a bit on the second half and few transitions between the scenes. Like, Nani-Priya-Anu board on to a flight in Mumbai and the next scene is Nani waiting for Anu at a Railway station. Another decent Merit of the film is its dialogues by Kiran. He slightly manages to tickle the funny bones with his one liners, but fails to make us emotionally connected. Cinematographer captures the mood and ambience of the Araku, Goa, Bheemavaram beautifully. Production values of the film are alrighty.

Analysis : Majnu is old fashioned to the core. It sticks to conventions and keeps you hoping that some breakthrough that is about to be made. Unfortunately, nothing of that sort happens and you walk out of the theatre bewailing the film’s downfall.

Rating : 2.5/5