Mahesh’s young producer sister donates for Corona relief

Daily wage Cine Workers who depend on film shootings are facing tough situations due to Coronavirus pandemic. Telugu Film Industry has formed Corona Crisis Charity to help the film workers. Producer Padmavathi Galla on behalf of Amara Raja Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd has contributed Rs 10 Lakhs to CCC for the welfare of Cine Workers. This is such a good deed from a young producer who has just entered the industry.

Guntur MP Jay Galla’s son Ashok Galla is getting introduced as a Hero with a film Produced by Padmavathi Galla under Amara Raja Media & Entertainments Pvt Ltd banner. Sriram Adittya is directing this film. Padmavathi Galla said Everyone should stay at their homes and follow the instructions of Government and Doctors to stay safe during this corona crisis. This move has been welcomed in the industry.

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