Mahesh’s director back to square one?

Once a director is associated with a top actor in the industry, it is usually expected that this director would then go on to make movies with other top stars. However, there have been times when directors couldn’t get films with other top stars due to the less than stellar performance of their films. However, there haven’t been many situations where this has happened even before the release of a film.

Superstar Mahesh’s upcoming film, Sarkaru Vaari Paata, is being directed by Parasuram and is scheduled to be released on May 12th. There were a lot of expectations that director Parasuram would either approach or be approached, by other top actors due to his association with Mahesh. Despite popular belief though, the director seems to be sticking to his previous commitments, with the latest reports suggesting that he would be directing Naga Chaitanya after SVP. This film was supposed to have taken off before SVP, but got delayed due to SVP.

On the other hand, SVP is also not carrying a huge buzz around it, with sources saying that the makers of the film are themselves unhappy with the final product. All of this seems to be tampering with Parasuram’s possibility of being able to associate with more top actors in the industry, taking him back to square one.

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