Is Mahesh producing a film with Adivi Sesh?

Goodachari has impressed many in the Industry along with the Telugu audiences. Adivi Sesh and Shashi Kiran Thikka made a comprehensive spy thriller in a shoe-string budget.

Movie got a rousing applause and they announced second part in 2020. Also, Adivi Sesh said the movie is a tribute to first spy of Telugu Cinema, Agent Gopi a.k.a, Superstar Krishna.

Mahesh is impressed by the movie and congratulated the team on his social media twitter account. He now went a step ahead and wants to produce a movie on his production banner, it seems.

Namrata will take care of the production activities while Mahesh will select the script to be produced by them, with the combination. He is doing same for the web series, he is producing, Charlie too, it seems. Will this end up a rumour or truth? We have to wait and see.