Mahesh continues to stand by his decade-old belief

For a really long time, Superstar Mahesh Babu has maintained that he has no interest in doing straight Hindi films. He even refused several Bollywood offers at the peak of his career, right after his very famous film, Pokiri released, for which Mahesh continues to be revered even today.

Mahesh has stuck to his word ever since, not once looking at Bollywood, and refusing all of their offers. There’s only been one time when Mahesh even thought about making an entry into another industry, and that was with Spyder, which was a bilingual, made in Tamil and Telugu. Following the failure of that film, Mahesh has continued to stick to only Telugu films.

Now, in a recent interview, when asked about his Bollywood plans, the actor said that he still doesn’t want to do any Hindi films and that he’s happy doing only Telugu films. He said that his film with Rajamouli would be his first pan-Indian film. It’s interesting to see that the actor continues to stick to his beliefs even a decade later.

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