Mahesh celebrates Marriage day than Valentines Eve!

Mahesh interacted with media about his latest web-series and as a brand ambassador to a famous product. He did not talk much about web-series, as he maintained that the work is still under progress.

On a side note, he is asked about his plans to celebrate Valentines Day and he said, “What answer do you expect from me after being married for 14 years?” Many laughed out loud for his sarcastic reply.

He then said, “We got married on 10Th Feb, hence Namrata and I, celebrate our marriage day more than Valentines eve or day. We are thankful to each other for being in love with each other. We don’t need one day to be special to express that!”

He did not talk about Maharshi, his next release. He opined that there is lot of time for the film release and he will speak about it, at its own promotional event.