Mahesh and Trivikram to make a spy movie?

Superstar Krishna attained a different mass hero image from his seniors like Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, Harnadh, Kantha Rao, Jagayya who were then blue-eyed box office heroes of Telugu Cinema. While the range of ANR, NTR was peerless, Kantha Rao and Harnadh had some box office hits to establish themselves as leads too.

But the arrival of Krishna changed things. He brought in new stories with his arrival. Filmmakers went for Spy movies with him as the lead breaking the routine mass movies. He became most loved “Agent Gopi” – Spy on screen with Gudachari 116. He continued reinvent himself with cowboy movies and several other innovative subjects when the trend was pointed out in different direction.

Mahesh fans have been waiting to see the actor in a full blown spy thriller. Something like his father Superstar Krishna did. Mahesh tried a Cowboy film, Takkari Donga early on in his career but the movie failed big time. After that he never tried another cowboy movie. He did want to make spy film and Murugadoss came up with a subject like Spyder, and promised that it will be a mix of new age spy thriller genre and commercial mass movie. But the movie did not impress audiences.

Now, we hear that Trivikram Srinivas who made Athadu kind of sleek action family entertainer with Mahesh is ready to make a Spy movie with the actor. Athadu proved to be a milestone film in Mahesh’s career even though it did not create any box office records. Movie became a regularity for Telugu people to watch online, on Television and elsewhere.

Their next film Khaleja did not achieve box office success but even it too has become a beloved film over the past decade with more people discovering it on Television. So, what will their third film offer? A spy thriller or a regular Trivikram Srinivas family entertainer? Let’s wait and watch.

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