Magadheera completes 12 years of release

Director SS Rajamouli who is now busy with his upcoming film RRR, with NTR and Ram CHaran in the lead roles, was creating magic and records in the Telugu film industry, way before he was recognised nationally, as a director par excellence.

The first film that showed Rajamouli’s prowess in the use of special effects was Magadheera, which turned out to be a massive industry hit. The film completes 12 years of its release today. Magadheera was Ram Charan’s second film, and the actor surprised the audiences with the way he handled both his characters in the film with the kind of ease of a veteran. Rajamouli showed the audiences and other filmmakers what he can do when he’s given the kind of freedom he needs, and when he’s entrusted to do something.

Magadheera was a trendsetter in Tollywood, with many filmmakers trying to follow the same method and replicate the success of the film, but failing to do so, on varying scales. Magadheera remains to be one of the most iconic films in the industry to date, considering its themes, the screenplay, and the way it was presented to the audiences. At the time of its release, it was not short of a Hollywood film for audiences, who were until then, used to watching such action sequences on the big screens only in Hollywood movies.

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