MAA elections: Will Manchu Vishnu’s idea work out?

It is well-known that Movie Artist Association ( MAA) elections are going to be held in the next couple of months and already actors like Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu are in the race for the MAA presidential post. Now, the latest one to join the list is the senior actress and hero Rajasekhar’s wife Jeevitha.

Yesterday, Jeevitha announced that she will be contesting in the MAA elections and planning to approach bigwigs in the industry for support. But as per the inside sources, Vishnu is keen on collaborating with Jeevitha and her team and stop Prakash Raj from becoming the president in the MAA elections. If the news turns into reality, will Jeevitha accept Vishnu’s proposal and agree to work with him? Remains to be seen.

MAA elections will be held every two and half years and the last time elections happened in 2019 where Naresh’s panel won the election.

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