MAA Elections: One event that led to a turning of tables

When it all boiled down to Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu as the remaining two candidates for the President post in the MAA elections, everyone thought that Prakash Raj would win easily, without much effort. However, things turned out so different in the meantime, that Vishnu surprised everyone with his landslide victory.

The event that caused the turning of tables, on their heads, is the speech that Pawan Kalyan gave at the pre-release event of Republic, which led to several situations and tensions that haven’t been settled down yet. Pawan criticised the AP government for its online ticketing system and clearly opposed it. Prakash Raj and his panel, who were backed by the Mega family, gave no response to the speech and didn’t say whether they supported Pawan or the government, which led to a lot of MAA members thinking that they would be better off to be on Vishnu’s side, instead of inviting the AP government’s wrath.

The speech turned out to be the ultimate opportunity for Vishnu, who used it to his best advantage and turned out to be the President, even managing to get almost all of his panel members to win with a vast majority, in the elections.

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