MAA Elections: Mohan Babu unhappy with Chiru’s decision?

It is well-known that senior actor Prakash Raj, Manchu Vishnu, Rajasekhar’s wife Jeevitha and actress Hema are in the race for the presidential post for the soon to be held MAA elections. While Prakash Raj is having unconditional support for Megastar Chiranjeevi’s family, Vishnu and his father Mohan Babu are visiting bigwigs in the industry and seeking their support.

Meanwhile, the latest reports coming from media circles is that the MAA elections are again going to disturb the current friendship bondage between Chiru and Mohan Babu as they both are supporting two different groups. Inside sources reveal that Mohan Babu is unhappy with Chiru’s decision of supporting an outside like Prakash Raj in the elections and openly expressing his disappointment with some of the industry people. Earlier, both Chiru and Mohan Babu had a catfight on the Legend-Celebrity issue at 2007 held Cinema Vajrotsavam. Later, both of them buried differences and maintaining good rapport for the past few years.

However, we have to wait and see which panel will win in the Movie Artist Association ( MAA) elections are scheduled to be held in September.

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