MAA elections and its continuing controversies

The MAA elections have been shrouded in the most ever controversies this time around, with a lot of politics involved in the elections. Just about when everything seemed to have come to a stop, a new scenario has risen with Pawan’s recent speech, on the ticket price issue, at the pre-release event of Republic. Everyone started to take sides with this speech, with actor Naresh’s backed Manchu Vishnu panel opposing Pawan’s statements very strongly.

On the other hand, Prakash Raj’s panel, which is backed by the Mega Family, is currently under heavy scrutiny, with a lot of speculations going around. It is now being said that Prakash Raj’s panel is at huge risk, with the panel supposedly not having the chance to win, due to Pawan’s statements. However, some others are saying that the voters have already made their choice, and Pawan’s statements wouldn’t affect the elections.

Prakash Raj and Chiranjeevi are yet to make public statements about their stand on Pawan’s speech, while it is being said that Chiranjeevi has opposed Pawan’s statements with AP minister Perni Nani. It is now to be seen what will finally happen in MAA elections.

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