Lovers Day

Wink Girl’s first film, Lovers Day is finally in the theatres. She gained a lot of hype and popularity. But can that all convert into meat and content that will help her to establish herself as an actress? Let’s find out …

Plot: Roshan (Roshan Abdul Rauf) and Priya (Priya Prakash Varrier) become friends on the first day of their college. Roshan starts pursuing her and his advances slowly make her realize love for him. But a fight between them distances each other. Roshan’s close girl-friend Gadha (Nooreen Sheriff) give an idea to make Priya jealous. What is the idea and where the story heads next? You can guess it easily.

Performances:: Roshan and Nooreen have charismatic screen presence but their acting talent needs lot more grooving and also more opportunities where they can learn. Priya Prakash Varrier has beauty but acting doesn’t seem to be her true strength yet! All the others are terrible.

Technicalities::Seenu Siddharth’s visuals are highly saturated and he tries to make it all vibrant. But without any depth or meaning vibrancy and colors make no sense.

Lijo Panoda, Sarang Jayaprakash as screenplay writers tried hard to make a script out of a story that lacks any originality. They just couldn’t deliver any kind of good scene for audiences to enjoy the movie.

Acchu Vijayan as an editor tried to limit the scenes to a time limit and give audiences an illusion that there is a story and the movie is heading somewhere. But with each scene, we understand that there is nothing.

Shaan Rehman as a music director fell short of filling up the audio with tracks that get louder and louder. He did try his best though

Omar Lulu as a director doesn’t have even sense of a short film director. He just thinks that filmmaking is all about flashing watchable faces on screen with vibrant visuals and cringe-worthy dialogues that pass off as comedy. He needs major lessons on how not to make a film, for sure!

Analysis:: If the first song from the film, did not go viral and Priya Prakash Varrier did not become such sensation, the movie wouldn’t have even released in its own language, Malayalam. This is a wannabe Kuch Kuch Hota Hein that ends as a Sairat and for audiences, this is endless torture that they can’t escape if they enter into the theatre from the first scene to last!

Rating:: 0.5/5