Love Story pre-release business updates

Director Sekhar Kammula’s Love Story has been one of the most anticipated films of Tollywood for some time now, with the film having been postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic. The film is finally going to release in theatres tomorrow, with a lot of expectations pinned on it, both in terms of content, and also in terms of box office performance.

Love Story has already done a pre-release business of Rs. 31.2 Crores in a pleasantly surprising turning of events. The movie is now all set to release with a goal of Rs. 32 Crores to reach its break-even target. Love Story is being released in 240 theatres in the Nizam area, and in more than 400 theatres in Andhra Pradesh, and in more than 640 theatres in both the Telugu states put together.

Worldwide, Love Story is being released in more than 900 theatres and has been doing extraordinary pre-release business worldwide. The bookings for the film are also better than any other film that was released in recent times. It is now to be seen how the film’s box office performance will be.

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