Lots of talent, but why are actors still confused?

Tollywood is an industry that is filled with lots and lots of talented filmmakers, and producers who are willing to take them on various projects. This has only increased in the last few years, thanks to the increasing need for content, due to the rise of OTT platforms, and the content on these platforms is being consumed heavily.

Having said that, it is also an undeniable fact that despite the talent, actors seem to be confused about their projects, with actors being in talks with various directors and writers at the same time, unable to lock a single project. It could also be said that the more talent there is, there is also a higher degree of confusion, simply because of the various possibilities that it presents one with.

As a result, it could be said that actors are confused between what’s right for them, and what’s not, and between what could work and what couldn’t. Big actors, on the other hand, seem to be confused more about their image than about the content, which is putting most of their content in jeopardy, as they are not experimenting much, and are sticking to the same old formula, which the audience has gotten tired of.

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