Lots of talent, but not enough: The story of leading ladies

There’s nothing particularly new that needs to be said about the woes that the Telugu film industry faces constantly, due to the lack of enough leading ladies. While new faces debut with new films with every other movie, not many of them are able to find their footing in the industry.

Aside from that fact, Tollywood also is probably the only industry that has a serious dearth of actresses whose native language is Telugu, often casting heroines from other states. While the population of Telugu actresses in the industry has increased in the past few years, the situation is still not that commendable, as these actresses are getting nearly zero opportunities in big films.

While the trend of casting actresses from North Indian states as the leading ladies in top Telugu films has decreased in the last few years, thanks to the pan-Indan maiaa, this has once again become a thing in Tollywood, with filmmakers and producers looking to the North for actresses, so that the market of their films would increase. Even as the number of films that are being made in the industry is increasing, the dearth of the right kind of talent is still pretty high, and those who do stick around, aren’t able to make it to the big leagues, often limited to other medium to small budget films.

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