Loser Web Series Season 2 Review and Rating!

The second season for Zee5’s original series, Loser is out on the streaming platform today. Let’s analyse it.

Story: As showcased in the first season, after going through many hurdles air-rifle shooter Suri Yadav(Priyadarshini) wins at the national tournament. Using the honorary, Ravi Yadav gets a clerk job at a government office. Parallelly, the story of a filed cricketer cum school PT Wilson’s (Shashank) story where is teenage son John wants to make a career in cricket sport will be showcased. Along with Suri Yadav and Wilson’s plots, Ruby’s (Kalpika Ganesh) story where she resigns from the bank job and starts a badminton training camp against her husband’s wish will be showcased. What happened in each individual life? Forms the crucial crux of the second season of Loser.

Performances: Priyadarshini as a person with an aim to become champion yet again has done his part quite convincingly. His acting during the battle with his inner soul to bounce back strongly is good and brings depth to the proceedings.

Kalpika Ganesh is okay with her performance as Ruby, a woman facing problems from her husband. But her character is not designed in a proper way due to which the entire segment looks dull with underwhelming emotions.

Lastly, the father-son thread between Wilson and John is okay but would have been dealt with ever more clarity to keep the viewers hooked to the narrative. Performances-wise, both Shashank and the guy who played his son’s role gave okay with their acting.

Other artists such as Pavani Gangireddy, Annie, Dhanya Balakrishna are appealing in their extended cameo roles.

Technicalities: Music work is passable but surely would have been even better. While the editing work is fine, the cinematography by Naresh Ramadurai shines throughout as he presented all episodes with a rich lighting setup.

Production values and the production design work for the film are apt for the theme of each story.

Analysis: Compared to the first season, the narration and character establishment in the second installment are taken care of with some engaging moments throughout.

The director duo Abhilash Reddy and Shravan Madala did a decent job as the directors. Despite trying to present the second installment with much more clarification, the proceedings look dull at regular intervals due to the lack of a strong backstory behind the lead characters in each segment.

To summerize, while Ravi Yadav’s story has been executed on a decent note with proper presentation, the narrative in Ruby and Wilson’s individual stories lack emotional connectivity.

Verdict: Plain narration!

Rating: 2.25/5