Loser Web Series Review

Annapurna Studios came up with new age content in films as a production house and they encouraged fresh talent to showcase their prowess in filmmaking. If someone could impress and show potential, industry lapped them up and we don’t think we have to write especially about it. Now, they came up with Loser web series looking to give love story ridden Telugu OTT space, a new direction or genre, to choose from.

Discussing the story of such web series means doing injustice to those who want to experience it for the first time. Hence, we would love to just mention that it is an anthology series and it discusses the lives of three athletes – One is Suri (Priyadarshi), who is a good air-rifle shooter, second one is Ruby (Annie, Kalpika) who is good at badminton and third one is Wilson (Shashank), a cricketer. All three of them belong to different decades but they all end up being called Losers. But why? Can at least one of them triumph? Watch the series to know.

Shashank is a known actor but he hasn’t been fully consistent with the opportunities given to him. At times, in roles that seemed to not fit him, he struggled to shine through even though his effort is visible. Here, he made an impact. Kalpika and Annie as Ruby Shabana impress us the most. Priyadarshi has to carry the series on his shoulders and he did so, without any problem. All other ensemble cast members to lend their support very well with Shiyaji Shinde leading the way.

Abhilash Reddy and his team came up with a compelling story about the pain that a person who is termed as loser, has to go through. While they did not filled the series with just pain, we do connect with the emotion of losing out more as we are going through such a phase as collective society, unfortunately. The series seems relevant and it showcases the problems that athletes or sports people go through time & time again.

The story doesn’t try to go for unnecessary complications and it keeps itself away from touching the topics at basic level as well. It touches the emotional strings in our heart and plays a symphony. The emotional core of this plot is so strong that we would love to watch it at a stretch and go back to some moments to relive them.

Bottom line: Don’t Miss It

Rating: 3.5/5

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