Loser finds critical acclaim!

Telugu web-series starring Priyadarshi, Kalpika, Shashank, Annie – Loser, produced by Annapurna Studios released on Zee5 on 15th May, 2020. The web-series is made by AISFM graduates and that is the biggest plus for future of Telugu digital and film content. The web series is finding good amount of appreciation from critics and audiences on social media. Portrayal of human emotions with Sports as background attracted many towards the series.

Storytelling by Abhilash and his team is being praised and even Nagarjuna expressed happiness that their digital production is finding such good traction. More than as a producer, he expressed happiness as a filmmaker that fresh talent is coming up. The series is an anthology with three stories from three backgrounds of sports interchanging as pain of each of them becomes a root for Priyadarshi character’s determination to succeed beyond all odds.

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