Liger music: A very curious case

Director Puri Jagannath is very famous for his own unique spin on every film that he makes. Right from the way his protagonist behaves to the way that every scene is dealt with, Puri stands out with his mark. The same goes with his music, as the director has delivered some of the most unique albums so far.

While his albums have been unique and sometimes didn’t turn out to be instant hits, most of his albums are revered to this date. However, it looks like there’s something missing in the album of his upcoming film Liger, featuring Vijay Deverakonda in the lead role. Two songs have been released from the film so far, but none of them have been able to make an impact, neither in Telugu nor in Hindi.

Now, yet another song is about to be released from the film in a couple of days, titled Aafat, but there’s no buzz surrounding it. With no song being able to make an impact so far, everyone is wondering whether the music for the movie got messed up due to the director being unable to stick to the sensibilities of one group, and trying to satisfy everyone. All in all, it does look like the music of Liger got lost in translation, but no conclusions can be drawn until the full album is released. Here’s hoping.

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