Liger a reflection of Warangal Srinu’s poor judgement

It is already reported that noted distribution Warangal Srinu who acquired the theatrical rights of Vijay Deverakonda and Puri Jagannadh’s recent outing, Liger has lost a massive Rs 50 crore. Reportedly, he acquired the rights of all South versions of Liger for Rs 70 and lost heavily just by trusting the Puri-VD combination.

Meanwhile, speaking about Liger result Warangal Srinu in a recent YouTube interview said that Liger is not a bad film but just climax portion is weak. After witnessing this statement from the distributor, netizens are openly commenting Warangal Srinu is still unable to judge films and realize his mistakes.

If Warangal Srinu remains to be the same with his choice of films, soon his career will end up as a film distributor, opinion film and trade analysts.

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