Let’s talk about it after Vakeel Saab release: Ramajogayya Sastry

Renowned lyric writer Ramajogayya Sastry worked for numerous films. His lyrics have depth and very understandable as well. These qualities make him one of the top in the industry. Ramajogayya Sastry’s recent work is for Vakeel Saab. He has written lyrics for the song Satyameva Jayate which got released a couple of days before.

While the song is getting huge reception, the lyrics are a talking point as well. Pawan Kalyan fans are overjoyed with the lyrics that they resemble Pawan Kalyan’s qualities more than the movie. There came a meme on this. A Netizen questioned Ramajogayya Sastry through a meme that he has written lyrics for Pawan Kalyan more than the character.

However, the lyric writer responded by saying that, “Let’s talk about this after the movie release.” Vakeel Saab is releasing on April 9th.

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