Any good horror film will try to set up the ghost well and also give a good back story for the struggle and desire for revenge to feel right. But in this LAW, we get to see a ghost being dismissed unlawfully for seeking rightful revenge. Why so?.

Plot :  Vikram (Kamal Kamaraju) is an SI and he decides to become Singham whenever his sister Yamini decides to message him for help. Yamini’s friend, Radha (Mouryani) falls for Vikram and she decides to woo him. Radha finds out that one suspicious guy is following her and reports to Vikram. He dismisses it and asks her father for her hand.

Meanwhile, the stalker returns as a watchman and he guards her all the time. He keeps looking at Prameela (Pooja Ramachandran) and she hides from him. One day, he catches the hand of Radha and he is sent off from the building. People die in the apartments and they call Vikram for help. They all think watchman is the culprit but reveals that it is Prameela. Why is she killing them? Who is she?

Performances : Kamal Kamaraju used to be a performer who could one day develop into a better actor. Kamal Kamaraju is still a performer who could one day aspire to become an actor!

Mouryani looks perfect as a ghost as she has wide eyes and big forehead that highlights it. At the same time in normal scenes, she is as cold and lifeless as a ghost too. Pooja Ramachandran tried her best. All others don’t even make an impression.

Technicalities : S.S. Sunkara’s editing is another minus for the film. He drags out some shots even though he can see that they are not working for the scene. He might be helpless but he has the scissors.

P. Amar Kumar as a cinematographer needs to learn the difference between serial work and cinema work. Once he does, he will be an even better technician.

Satya Kashyap couldn’t really come up with a background score that redeems the bad songs he composed.

Gagan Gopal Mulka trodden the routine path and hopes that people will get confused by the kind of screenplay he wrote. First of all, people need to invest interest in the kind of film he is making and the story. He doesn’t really come up with a good story that intrigues us and the cast he chose is highly incompetent to even act in routine sequences.

One doesn’t understand why would any young girl without fearing consequences agrees to be a vessel of a ghost. One doesn’t get any answer for the question why does a Sadhu/Guru feel the need to be stalked when he can simply try to save the person from being possessed by entering into her flat as himself. And to top it all, we don’t understand how a police officer just let a criminal scot-free when he knows the crime. There are many more to list out like this.

Analysis : Either you make a horror film that asks us to suspend disbelief or you make a horror film that really makes us feel gobsmacked. With many horror films coming our way, quality of writing and execution forms the key to really appreciate another.

LAW doesn’t have any quality that we even appreciate the effort of an actor or a technician. It is just plain waste of effort on everyone’s part. It could have been much much better had it been a serial or a mini-series episode on TV. As a film, it has no merit but length.

Rating : 0.5/5

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