Kutumba Katha Chitram

In our nuclear families, we do tend to miss a towering presence of elders who can guide us through rough patches of life. When ever a issue creeps up you need people who can support you and let you not take things on ego or over think. Because major problems and issues raise from simple lack of communication and destroy our peaceful household just like that. What if a couple have pent up emotions? How will they realise that they need to communicate with each other?

Plot : A husband Charan (Nandu) is worried that he is unable to talk to his wife about job. He is worried about her safety. Wife, Pallavi (Srimukhi) thinks that he is not in love with her. But at the end of it all, she realises that he loves her but there are issues that they have to work on. When Charan tries to talk about his worry, Pallavi thinks he is trying to limit her potential and insinuates that he is being male chavunist. Unable to bear the anger, he kills her. He asks Kamaraju (Kamal Kamaraju) to help him in this.

But before he could do anything Suriya, father of Pallavi comes home and notices that there is something wrong. He asks watchman about his daughter and he says that she is inside. Before, Suriya could make a scene, Kamaraju kills him and Charan kills watchman. Charan gets up from his sleep and realises that this is all a dream. Similarly, all characters have their own dreams. Why do they end up dreaming? What is the main point in the story? Watch movie to know more ..

Performances : Nandu as Charan doesn’t really make much effort to bring out the character, Charan. He just walks through the role and we are left wondering did he really act or just walked in front of the camera.

Srimukhi also gave the worst performance of her career in the film. The dated look of her and even the dialogue delivery seems too amateurish. She proved that she is much better than that. This film just remains an aberration on her resume.

Suriya is casual in his role. He doesn’t really have much to do here. He does what he can to give his character some importance and character. Looks like the actor just did it because he needed to do some work.

Kamal Kamaraju comes with worst performance again. He somehow seems to be over involved in his character than required. He doesn’t really come up with an interesting and believable act. He needs to understand that if accepts any movie he needs to understand the character and then perform accordingly.

Technicalities : A movie like this needs to have all the support from technicians to make it look believable. It looks like a short film idea that has been dragged on and on endlessly to make it into a film. Cinematographer Malhar Bhatt just executed the shots that he is asked to compose and did nothing other than that.

Prawin Pudi, the editor of the film seems to have his job cut out. He needed to just assemble all the scenes presented to him in an order. He did not had to work hard to cut the film or give it a good flow. Random things happen even more randomly.

Music by Sunil Kashyap is also bad surprisingly. He is known for atleast giving good back ground score, but he seems like just used the instruments he could and gave something that’s passable as the score.

Writer and director, VS Vasu seems to have dreamt about making a movie and he made it. There is no plot device, plot twist or even interesting narration. It’s like a guide of what all can go wrong in an household and how they happen in a sequence after sequence without really making any sense. The dreams format looks like a rouse for people to think they have seen a film but it hardly makes any sense.

Analysis : This is a film which most of you might not think about watching. In any case, if ever you decide to watch this keep a caution in your mind that you’re watching an amateurish film that even the actors might be mocking themselves for being a part of it. Nothing really works and the names associated with this film are capable of delivering much better than this.

Rating : 1/5