KRR thanks Nagarjuna and team for Annamayya

Not every film but few films occupy the special film status in director and actors careers. They can’t forget them and even public won’t let them forget such efforts ever. With special requests referring back to those films and posts of discovering and re-discovering those films, many remind them.

Fans to tend to try and trend every film these days as it became a point of “prestige” but Annamayya deserves to be reminded and remembered always. Nagarjuna has always been thankful to director K. Raghavendra Rao for coming up with such an unique and different film to him and for changing his life as an actor too. KRR on Twitter thanked Nagarjuna and entire cast for being a part of the film.

He said,

“Just a day before my birthday, I recall how 23 years ago today, a very special film released. #Annamayya is a film I will cherish all my life and I thank the almighty for giving me the opportunity to make a film on his divine existence. “

“I can’t forget the efforts of @iamnagarjuna, @themohanbabu, #Suman, @meramyakrishnan, @KasthuriShankar, @mmkeeravaani, Bharavi, Producer Doraswami Raju garu and everyone else who was a part of the film and thank them for being a part of the unforgettable journey! #Annamayya “

Well, we wish the man who gave glamour steps to Telugu Cinema and designed grammar for Commercial cinema a very happy birthday and thank him for Annamayya – an absolute classic.

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