Is Krish concentrating on Mahanayakudu?

Krish released NTR Kathanayakudu in January and by the end of the month, his Manikarnika also released. In a fight against Kangana Ranaut, the director seems to be neglecting Mahanayakudu.

Kangana made some sly comments on Krish before release and now Krish is saying that he made a Gold and the makers ruined it to Silver. With the ongoing feud, Mahanayakudu seems to have been pushed to a back burner.

Krish is replying to Rangoli Chandel’s tweets against him and is trying to prove that he is no culprit, in cinema shaping out the way, it did. Actually, Krishna has to concentrate on last leg of shooting of Mahanayakudu.

But he is more trying throw stones on the opposition more. The movie might get him National recognition but Krish needs a big hit right now. Mahanayakudu is the only option he has. If this movie also fails, he will be a person who delivered 4 failures in matter of two months.