Kousalya Krishnamurthy

Kausalya Krishnamurthy is the remake of the hit Tamil film Kanaa. The remake is directed by remake specialist Bheemineni and has made its way to the movie halls. Read on to see if the film is as good as its original.

Story : Kausi played by Aishwarya Rajesh sees her dad getting addicted to cricket from her childhood onwards. Seeing his passion in the game, Kausi promises to herself that she will one day make it to the Indian cricket team and make her dad proud. Well, how does she do that is the story of the film.

Performances : Aishwarya Rajesh plays her role as a woman cricketer impressively. But she is not the same as she is in the original. She delivers her Telugu lines well and does her act well.

But it is Rajendra Prasad and Jhansi who take the cake as they are superb as the struggling parents. Especially, Jhansi is very naive and delivers an amazing performance. She is in her elements in all the frustration scenes.

Shiva Karthikeyan is neat in his cameo and does not get to do much.


Rajendra Prasad



Routine Story

Too many cricket scenes

Dragged emotions

Analysis : The film is a remake and Bheemineni has only directed the first half as the second half is straight away kept as it is and has been dubbed. This is like cheating the audience but not many can make it out. The manner in which the director brings in the farmer angle in the film is good.

How a small-time village girl comes on top to prove her goal is shown well. The film has a lag in several areas as the tempo keeps getting down many a time. there are many logical errors in the film and they have been overlooked by the makers. Aishwarya’s actual struggle to the top has not been dealt in an exciting manner.

The cricket scenes are good as they are borrowed and re-written from many Hindi films. So, the plot and proceedings will give you a dejavu feel but they will not bore you for sure

Rating: 2.5/5

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