Koratala to make a full-length film on Acharya’s backdrop?

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is currently playing the lead role in the movie Acharya. Koratala Siva is the director of the movie and it is said that Chiru is playing an ex-Naxalite role in the movie. However, Koratala Siva is using this just as the backdrop and there are other elements for the role as well.

The latest info about Koratala Siva is that he is going to make a full-length film about Comrades. The director who is highly successful is known for inducing social messages in commercial entertainers. He has successfully done that for the four movies. Koratala has said in his previous interviews that he will be directing around 10 movies in his career and later on he will just confine himself to the production.

After the completion of Acharya, Koratala Siva will work with Allu Arjun and then he will take up the comrade subject. It is going to be a powerful script is what the sources say.

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